As the Product Manager you will be focused on ensuring product-market fit, getting customer feedback, improving the onboarding and user experience, and working with the engineering team to build the “right” set of products. As an established product leader, you will be guiding our efforts to build customer-facing products on top of the underlying macroeconomic modeling platform that sits at the heart of Global Predictions. This role will work closely with the CEO to iterate on and implement the company’s product strategy.


  • Work with customers and the internal team to iterate on the company’s products
  • Create a deep understanding of current and potential client needs through interviews, analytics, and market research
  • Manage products from concept to design, requirements, testing, pricing, promotion, and support
  • Work with the engineering team to create the most valuable experience for customers
  • Help grow the company’s brand and market position to become a leader in the economic modeling and investment industry
  • Prioritize thousands of bugs and feature requests using a ruthless focus on both quantitative and qualitative criteria towards defined goals
  • Work with the CEO to set and communicate the long-term vision, strategy, and roadmap for the company products

Desired Qualifications

  • Solid understanding of portfolio construction, investing strategies, and risk management
  • 5+ years of SaaS product management experience working within the financial sector
  • Experience in a venture backed tech startup scaling rapidly
  • Comfortable working with uncertainty and building processes from the ground up, creating something incredible where nothing stood before
  • Basic ability to code in python and put together simple dashboards & tools
  • Love for creating experiments, quick feedback loops, and iterating rapidly

*Interview guaranteed if you sign up for PortfolioPilot (free) and share a list of product suggestions to support at